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Prior to signing the Rhino Rental Agreement, all clients must either view the Yamaha Rhino/UTV orientation video and/or receive an in person orientation, which includes the following important information:

1. Your safety is our number one priority. Keep your head, arms, legs and torso in the vehicle at all times. Restraining devices such as nets and straps are not provided.
2. Helmets are available for use at no additional charge; please wear helmets, eye protection and safety belts at all times.
3. Do not consume alcohol or illegal substances while driving or riding.
4. Be sure to release the emergency brake prior to driving.
5. Be aware that during on or off road use under certain conditions the Rhino may tip on its side and rollover. Contributing factors include, but are not limited to, improper navigation of inclines, driving too fast, or not observing proper weight distribution.
6. Be sure to operate the vehicle at speeds appropriate for weather and terrain conditions.
7. Do not drive at excessive speeds or turn abruptly.
8. Never enter washes with flowing water during bad weather.
9. Go straight up and down inclines; do not navigate at an angle. Never turn around on an incline.
10. Not observing these basic rules could result in life-threatening injuries. Keep in mind that sport cages are for cosmetic and shade purposes. While clients and passengers are advised to keep their extremities within the vehicle at all times, it may be difficult to do so if the UTV tips or rolls over. It is the Clientís responsibility to drive the UTV in such a manner to avoid the vehicle from tipping or rolling over.
11. The cargo area is designed to carry less than 300 pounds however we recommend not exceeding 200lbs of cargo in the rear cargo area. After market rear seats have been added however, riding in the rear cargo area is at each individualís own risk and the ultimate responsibility of the rental client. Yamaha, Polaris, the seat manufacturer, the sport cage manufacturer and AZ Rhino Rental, make no claims as to the safety of operators or passengers, including rear seat passengers riding in the cargo area. Additionally, no provisions are made for infants or booster seats therefore, children under the age of five or less than 80 pounds should be restricted from riding.
12. AZ Rhino Rental rents UTVs for off-road use, all drivers must be over the age of 18, and are expected to have experience driving a motorized vehicle as well as exhibit the ability to operate and maneuver such a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner, which is why a valid driverís license is required.
13. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and take plenty of water.
14. Cell phone reception is limited in many off road areas. Do not venture further then you are familiar or comfortable with. It is always a good idea to mark your trails if riding in unfamiliar or uninhabited territory. Always let a friend know where you are going and when youíll be back.
15. Ride responsibly and have fun. While UTVs are a lot of fun, remember, it is a motorized vehicle and serious injuries or death can result if safety precautions are not followed.
16. Arizona State Minimum Liability Insurance is required and provided by MBA Insurance. The monthly premium is paid by AZ Rhino Rental however; a co-payment of $15 per day plus a $3 surcharge is required to be paid by the rental client prior to taking delivery of the vehicle. Insurance details are available from MBA; please visit
17. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Collision Insurance is not offered as specified in the Terms and Conditions. The rental client is responsible for any and all damage to the UTV and Trailer while in your possession whether or not you are the operator.
18. AZ Rhino Rentalís trailers are not covered by any insurance and are the renterís 100% responsibility. Please verify available coverage with your auto insurance carrier.
19. The fuel level will be documented upon departure and you are responsible to return the UTV with the same amount of fuel; please refuel with PREMIUM gasoline only. Reasonable refueling rates will be applied UTVs that are not returned with less the quantity available at departure ($5 for each ľ tank). Fuel credit for returning UTV with additional fuel is not available and will not be issued.
20. Engine oil level must be checked at every refueling interval or each morning prior to riding. Check engine oil with dip stick located under passenger seat.
21. Tire pressure should be checked prior to each ride and maintained at 10 lbs. Slightly less is acceptable for sandy conditions.
22. Engine cooling is maintained with antifreeze in the radiator located under the hood, DO NOT OPEN WHEN HOT. Check overflow tank for proper level prior to each ride. A red temperature indicator lamp will illuminate on the dash panel if overheating occurs. Turn engine off immediately and allow it to cool thoroughly before opening the radiator.
23. If your Rhino experiences any other mechanical difficulty, call AZ Rhino Rental at 480-575-1619 for assistance. If an off site repair is necessary, obtain prior authorization when possible. Save all receipts for reimbursement.
24. Enjoy your ride, please take care of Arizonaís trails by keeping them clean and be careful out there!
25. By signing the rental agreement, you acknowledge that you have received the AZ Rhino Rental Orientation, understand the risks associated with operation of the Rhino, and accept full responsibility for the UTV, trailer, and all passengers at all times while in your possession. A Rental Agreement (electronic copy) will be emailed to you upon checkout.

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